My curriculum project is focused around schools art budgets and how we as teachers can create and develop activities/ units of work that incorporate strategies to cope with the school art budget from year to year. The activities will be focused around art and studio arts and will provide teachers from various schools with activities and enables them to share ideas on an online blog. The online blog will run as a forum, which will allow access for teachers in Victoria to share and post information about their schools budgets and activities that will help schools with a limited budget.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Budget activities targeted

The art budget activities that i will be covering within this forum will be targeted within the following subject areas:  Art, Studio Arts and Photography.

From my experience in the Visual Arts particularly in the areas of Printmaking, Photography and Painting i have decided to target the budget activities around these areas. the following activities will be covered by myself -

  • Dry point etching
  • Collographs
  • Lino cuts
  • Mono prints using spray paints and stencils
  • Painting without using expensive canvas alternative methods
  • Acrylic and water colours
  • Oil painting the cost effective way
  • Mixed media painting using found objects
  • Pin hole cameras a great way to experience manual photograph for the first time.
  • Photo grams a great inexpensive way to cut down on expensive photography equipment
  • Photographic collage

These are just a few examples that will be covered and add to the forum by myself. Feel free to add your own cost effective art activities using other mediums.

Collograph - "Dusk Shower"

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