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Monday, November 8, 2010

What types of paints should i buy for my students?

Paint is a very versatile medium that comes in many different colours and brands. Paint is often broken down into two types of qualities known as Artists quality and Student quality.

Many schools Art teachers are often faced with the tough decisions of which quality and brand of paint to purchase for their students. Due to paint being used quiet substantially in most Art rooms i recommend buying a class set of student quality acrylic paints. Student quality paint should be used in the younger year from Years 7 - 10. An ideal water based student quality paint to purchase is the brand known as Chromacryl.

Since 1964 Chromacryl students' acrylic set the standard for high quality school paint. That standard has now been raised even further with the introduction of an even thicker paint formula and redesigned packaging.

Chromacryl's range of 30 vibrant colours, combined with the Chroma Commonsense Colour System based on warm and cool primary colours, allows your students to mix virtually any colour.

Chromacryl's large variety of student paints
For Art and Studio art VCE students i recommend using artist quality acyclic and oil paints. Oil paints can get very pricey especially for the high end imported brands. I recommend using the brand Art Spectrum which is one of Australia's leading fine art paint manufactures. Art spectrum paints are ideal for VCE students, although they are not too expensive they are considered to be of artist quality. They can be purchased at all the leading art suppliers such as Zart Art, Deans Art and Eckersley's. Be sure to buy in bulk and look out for the cheapest price. Vegetable oil can be used as an oil paint thinner and cleaner but if your students want a particular look Art Spectrum have a variety of mediums to choose from at affordable prices.

Art Spectrum Oil paints

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