My curriculum project is focused around schools art budgets and how we as teachers can create and develop activities/ units of work that incorporate strategies to cope with the school art budget from year to year. The activities will be focused around art and studio arts and will provide teachers from various schools with activities and enables them to share ideas on an online blog. The online blog will run as a forum, which will allow access for teachers in Victoria to share and post information about their schools budgets and activities that will help schools with a limited budget.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Resources - Art supply stores

Suggested Art supply stores in Melbourne include -

  1. Zart Art
  2. Deans Art
  3. Riot Art and Craft
  4. Melbourne Etching Supplies (Printmaking specialist)
  5. Neils Art Supplies (Printmaking specialist)
  6. Reverse Garbage Ringwood
  7. Local supermarkets
  8. Op shops - Smith St and Brunswick St
These are just a selection of some of Melbourne leading Art supplies stores. It is essential that you look around at different stores to find the best price on a product. Make sure you try to buy in bulk as you will save a lot of money in the long run!

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